Work in Spain

3+1 Scheme for students and young professionals

There are 4 main ways to gain professional experience, to earn some money and to explore business opportunities in Spain during or after study in GSM Barcelona.

All GSM Barcelona courses include: academic program, correspondent qualification (certification), job placement, administrative and legal assistance during the application process and stay in Spain. All courses are taught in English language and include Spanish Language course.

  • Scheme N1. Study, after – go for work in a hotel
  • Scheme N2. Work while studying
  • Scheme N3. Study and open your Spanish company, working for yourself 
  • Scheme N4. Visiting professor or researcher

Scheme N1. Study, after – go for work in hotel

How is working?

Select your course in area of Hospitality, Hotel Management or International Tourism, come to Barcelona to study at GSM Barcelona 1 - 3 months, after - work 3 - 9 months in hotel, then keep working, studying online, or make a break, back to presential course in Barcelona.

There are more than 500 hotels, spa and wellness resorts to choose from all over Spain: Barcelona, Canaries Islands, Mallorca, Costa Brava, Madrid, Granada, Marbella, Costa del Sol.

How much you will earn?

While you are working full time, hotel will pay your logging, food, taxes and, sometimes relocation. Your staring salary is 300 euros/month + bonuses. After first 3 months working, you can renegotiate it.

Scheme N2. Work while studying

How is working?

Select any program (look at GSM Barcelona academic offer) with 8+ months duration. You can work during study part time and full time during vacations. There are more than 2000 companies to choose from.

The most popular placements for paid internship are marketing online, e-commerce, trade companies, logistics, tourism and IT.

How much you will earn?

Your first salary will be 400-600 euros/months, after 3 months the payment usually is going up 30-50%. Some companies will pay your food and travel expenses too.

**Extra payments:

  • registration fee for Short certificate - 125 euro. Non-refundable – 75 euro;
  • registration fee for Semester Abroad - 150 euro. Non-refundable – 100 euro;
  • registration fee for all other courses - 250 euro. Non-refundable – 200 euro.

Requirements: English – Intermediate < level. For some job placements a psychological test is required. Age - 18-36. For Master Degree programs – Bachelor or equivalent qualification. For Pg Diploma – HND or similar. Other courses - secondary education.

Scheme N3. Study and open your Spanish company, working for yourself

Select any program (look at GSM Barcelona academic offer) with 8+ months duration. You can open your Spanish company and start your own business while studying. GSM Barcelona will provide you free of cost legal assistance and will help you with a business networking.

Scheme N4 Visiting professor or researcher

How is working?

This scheme is open for researches and teachers of GSM Barcelona Universities – Partners (Look at International Universities Association GSMB members list).

You can come to Barcelona for teaching or participation in some international research project up to 1 year duration. There are conditions for application in our web page.

Your remuneration will depend very much on your CV and kind of project you are applying for.