The GSMB Campus: Accommodating the Latest Trends in Post-Graduate Education

The concept of “campus” has changed radically in recent years, and it promises to change even more in the years to come. In response, the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona has developed a proprietary model through which to assimilate the many forces at play. The primary objective of the model is to provide GSMB students with the highest quality resources and experiences to prepare them for leadership roles in management.  The model rests on four fundamental pillars:

  1. The immediate physical environment – Barcelona, Spain, Europe
  2. The indirect virtual environment – Cutting edge technology and online modules
  3. The conceptual framework and teaching model – practical case methodology
  4. The combined experience of the three elements above

This model has important implications for all aspects of teaching and learning, but perhaps most importantly it fundamentally alters the relationship between institution and students. GSMB’s effective response to these changes has fueled the demand for more and more academic programs spread throughout the school year and summer.
With the very nature of education itself changing, it is clear that new ways of thinking, new forms of collaboration, and new approaches to campus life are necessary. GSMB recognizes this reality and has responded in a uniquely valuable way. We have made a European post-graduate education accessible to millions of students from every corner of the planet.