Advance your career and prepare yourself to move into a managerial position within your field with Graduate School of Management in Barcelona.

Internships in Barcelona


Transition to a more fulfilling professional career with a master’s program that includes real work experience in Europe.

Work experience in Spain

3 + 1 Scheme

Gain professional experience by going abroad! Improve your CV, earn some money and explore new business opportunities.

Online Open Day

Online Open Day

Do you any have questions or concerns? We'll be delighted to help you. Talk directly to our students or professors.

Our University Association

Why Barcelona?

The International Association of Universities GSMB is a powerful global University network, which includes 100 universities from 34 countries.

Teacher Training


GSMB has made an important commitment to the international education of the teachers since the inception of our graduate programs.

Apply today

Apply today

Don’t put if off. Start your application process today. It is straightforward and will not take too much of your time. Learn about the requirements.

The Human Forum

Intellectual Environment

Shifting concept of security in a human being's life is a central issue of the Human Forum 2019. Join GSM in Barcelona to discuss it.

Why select the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona?

GSM Barcelona has many features that set it apart from other business schools

Academic Excellence

Faculty selected from the world's most prestigious organizations.


European Experience

2000 companies look to GSM Barcelona for high-quality interns.

International Focus

GSMB will give you the skills to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.

Student Life

We have the experience to make you fill at home in Europe.


Be Part of a Whole

100 universities participate in our ambitious project.

MBA Curriculum

world-class rigor

Learn More About Global Markets

Our Global Markets module will help you understand and predict the medium-to long-run performance of economies to help mitigate risk.

Master the World of Finance

Your earning potential and the rewarding career options that will become available through solid financial training are worth taking seriously.

Learn the Secrets of Strategy

Strategy is something that is changing almost as fast as technology itself. Come to GSM Barcelona and equip yourself with the latest training and best practices in strategy.

Specialize in one of many areas

Through our frequent contact with hundreds of recruiting professionals from all over the world, we are able to offer highly specialized training options.


come and experience the privilege

The Atlas of Spain's Economy

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain’s main economic powerhouse and the largest tourist centre in Europe.

International Centre

The city regularly holds international fairs and conventions, and is home to European Community coordination centres and many multinational companies.

Perfect Location

The city is located on the coast and boasts a seaport and welcoming beaches, medieval castles and modern skyscrapers.

Spirit of the City

Barcelona’s vibrant character, its cosmopolitan community, historic architecture, rich and varied cultural life all guarantee a fantastic local lifestyle for students, visitors and residents alike.